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Flagstaff Vocational Pathways Program.

Wests Illawarra contributed $15,350 to Flagstaff Vocational Pathways in 2015.

With financial support from Wests Illawarra, Flagstaff took the FVP to 13 high schools in the region in 2015. It provides opportunities for students with disabilities to have access to work experience and vocational training. The program equips students with a disability with skills and training ensuring they are job ready and able to smoothly transition into employment.

Flagstaff aims to bridge the gap that was found for students with a disability who do not have the same opportunities and access to educational programs which increases their skill level in comparison to children at mainstream schools.

Wests Illawarra is also one of the participating businesses that provide work experience for these students.

During 2015 47 students completed the FVP, and 20 gained employment within the Flagstaff Group. Flagstaff says: “This program not only impacts on the students, but indirectly benefits family and carers by alleviating pressure, the health system as employees report feeling less anxious and healthier, and offers a disposable income that they often spend within the community.”

Participant Matthew Vella said: “I really liked doing the FVP & Cert II in Food Processing. It has been a great help for me in my role and will be for my life going forward. I was proud to achieve a formal qualification! I would like to do new things like another course in future – perhaps in another area of the business – I’m still considering what I might like to do.”